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Hypnotherapy & NLP by Joesephine Lawrence, C.Ht

Free Initial Phone Consultation

Schedule a time to discuss what you would like to work on in your first session.
Plan for a 15 minute conversation on the phone.


The first session you can expect to discuss in depth how hypnotherapy works and what you would like to work on for your session. Together, we will come up with a plan and self-improvement goals you can work on at home. Next, we will discover what your suggestibility is (how you take in information) and do the hypnosis Induction. While you are under hypnosis, you will go on a journey of self discovery and experience receptiveness to information and suggestions that serve your purpose and highest good.

Specialty Sessions

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HypnoReiki is a Reiki session in which you are under hypnosis. This provides more opportunity for clarity, relaxation, and receptiveness to the energy.

Reiki is an energy healing art in which the Reiki practitioner channels “ki” (also known as Qi) energy into the receiving person by means of touch or hovering the hands over the body. Reiki can remove energetic blockages and invites healing to body, mind, and soul.

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HypnoPsychedelic Integration

Have you had an astounding experience that you'd like to re-experience or gain more clarity on?

HypnoPsychedelics is a powerful hypnosis tool of exploration of the body, the mind, and beyond. The word ‘psychedelic’ is a translation from Greek (psychḗ dēleín) meaning ‘mind-manifesting’. What can you manifest with your mind using the power of hypnotherapy? 

*No external substances are utilized for this session. 

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Sigil Imagery Hypnosis

Through hypnotic guidance and NLP, discover your own sigil. A sigil is a symbol representing your deepest goals and desires. We will pull out the colored pencils and markers and have some fun!

Together, we'll explore your subconscious mind to uncover what truly motivates and inspires you. Your sigil will be a powerful tool to help you manifest your desires and achieve your goals. As you create your sigil, you'll tap into your creative energy and connect with your innermost self. Once your sigil is complete, you can use it to focus your thoughts and intentions, and watch as the universe aligns to bring you closer to your dreams.

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Cord Release

A powerful technique to release codependent behaviors and beliefs between yourself and others. A healing and rejuvenating process for both you and those you’re connected to.


This technique involves a combination of therapy, self-reflection, and mindful practices, and may take time and dedication to master. However, the rewards of increased self-awareness and healthy relationships are well worth the effort.



90 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


90 Minute Session



60 Minute Session


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Experience Change

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