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Hypnosis is a powerful and time-tested form of therapy with roots dating back thousands of years across many cultures. 


Can I be hypnotized?

Many people wonder, “Can I be hypnotized?” The answer is, “Yes you can!” Each of us receives information a little differently, and this can effect how you go into hypnosis. During your first hypnosis session, we will discover whether you take in suggestions  literally or inferred. This information will start us on the path to your hypnotic induction.


What is hypnosis?

Did you know you go into different states of hypnosis every day? Have you ever driven home from work, and when you arrived at your destination, realized you don’t remember the drive? Or scrolling through social media, looked up to realize you were “sucked in” and lost track of time? How about before you fall asleep at night, when you start to feel very sleepy? These are all examples of states of hypnosis. They are very normal and natural states of the human mind.


How does hypnotherapy work?

Throughout our lives, our subconscious retains information and beliefs or “knowns”. Some of these knowns serve us in a positive way–such as creating good habits–but some of the knowns are not positive. With conscious thought and willpower we may try to change these poor habits and beliefs, but the subconscious is the one running the show. Hypnosis adjusts the filter of our critical mind to accept new, healthier beliefs into our subconscious, which in turn creates the changes that we want to see in ourselves. Take a look at this NIH article on the efficacy of hypnosis.


What can you get hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy works for a broad number of issues. I recommend contacting me to ask about specific situations. Here is a list of 146 Ways Hypnotherapy Might Help You.
*Some areas of hypnotherapy require a medical or psychological referral.


What does it feel like to be under hypnosis?

Under hypnosis you are aware of your surroundings. Most people describe total relaxation and a sense of freedom in their physical bodies. Sounds and senses may be heightened. Imagination and visualization becomes easier and more enhanced, and thoughts are clearer and more organized.


Will you turn me into a chicken and make me cluck?

Only if you want me to. Joking aside, you will never feel out of control under hypnosis. You will never be made to do or say anything that you don’t want to do or say. Hypnosis is a client-lead therapy. This means you are in control and results increase with your willingness to participate in your healing path. The hypnotherapist is there to be your conduit, companion, and guide in your journey.

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